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  • What is the Army Advocates Program?
    The Army Advocates program is a chance for you to make a difference in a young person’s life by making your voice heard. The Army of the future needs daring, adaptable and innovative people to solve tough problems. As a result, the Army needs allies who can advocate for Army service.

    The Army at a Glance
    We’ll give you some of the basic information you’ll need to start talking to prospective Army Soldiers. We’ll run down the Army recruiting structure and provide some helpful links to areas of goarmy that will explain other important concepts, like the difference between enlisted Soldiers and officers, and the difference between active duty and the Army Reserve.

    Advocates News and Events

    Army Advocates support the Army and also participate in events across the country. Read profiles about Army Advocates.

    Joan Auchter, Director of Professional Learning for the National Association of Secondary School Principals, shares her experiences attending Leaders Building Leaders: A U.S. Army Leadership Symposium hosted by the Army Marketing & Research Group (AMRG) that took place at Fort Leavenworth, KS. She discusses how the symposium is an opportunity to learn from Army leaders, and gain new skills essential for the complex role of leadership.

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    Profile of an Army Advocate — Joan Auchter, NASSP

    Meet Ann Flynn, Director of Education Technology, and Tom Gentzel, Executive Director, both of the National School Boards Association (NSBA). They share how the goals of NSBA directly align with those of the U.S. Army, including their respective efforts to offer resources to help students become successful.

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